Funded Projects

Funded Projects
Project Title Year Funded Principal Investigator
Interdisciplinary Best Practices for Ecosystem Services Methods in Federal Agency Decision Making 2015 Lydia Olander, Duke University, Robert Johnston, Clark University
ESA Decision Making 2015 Leah Gerber, Arizona State University, Michael Runge, U.S. Geological Survey
Policy Evaluation Tool 2015 Allen Blackman, Resources for the Future
Valuing Lake Water Quality 2015 Bonnie Keeler, University of Minnesota, Spencer Wood, University of Washington
Teaching Socio-Environmental Synthesis with Case Studies 2015 2015 Cynthia Wei, SESYNC
Fisheries & Food Security 2015 Christopher Golden, Harvard University, Douglas McCauley, University of California, Santa Barbara
Brazil Forest Restoration for Ecosystems Services 2015 Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues, University of São Paulo, André Gustavo Nave, University of São Paulo, Solange Filoso, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Computational Environmental Justice Analysis 2015 Paul Mohai, University of Michigan, Michael Ash, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mary Collins, SUNY-ESF
The Socio-Environmental Data Explorer 2014 V. Kelly Turner, Kent State University, Eric Shook, Kent State University
Salience & Wildfire 2014 Andrew Plantinga, University of California, Santa Barbara, Naomi Tague, University of California, Santa Barbara