Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Titlesort descending Brief Summary
Art and Participatory Modelling Jul 21, 2016

Article published in Integration and Implementation Insights.

Assessing spatiotemporal changes in tiger habitat across different land management regimes Oct 18, 2013

Article published in the October 2013 issue of Ecosphere.

Assessing System Resilience and Ecosystem Services in Large River Basins: A Case Study of the Columbia Jan 01, 2014

Article published in the Idaho Law Review, Natural Resources and Environmental Law Edition.

Assessing the environmental impacts of halving food loss and waste along the food supply chain Jan 14, 2020

Article published in Science of the Total Environment.


Assessing the role of humans in Greater Antillean land vertebrate extinctions: New insights from Cuba Sep 30, 2020

Article published in Quaternary Science Reviews. 

Assessing urban environmental resources and services of Shenzhen, China: A landscape-based approach for urban planning and sustainability May 01, 2014

Article published in Landscape and Urban Planning.

Assessment of Chronic Sublethal Effects of Imidacloprid on Honey Bee Colony Health Mar 18, 2015

Article published in PLOS ONE.

Assessment of Regional Variation in Streamflow Responses to Urbanization and the Persistence of Physiography Feb 09, 2015

Article published in Environmental Science & Technology.

Associations between sociodemographics and green infrastructure placement in Portland, Oregon Apr 13, 2017

Article published in the Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment.

Asthma and Global Warming Jul 30, 2015

Climate change is making asthma worse.