Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summary
Plant litter amendments in restored wetland soils altered microbial communities more than clay additions May 07, 2020

Article published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry.

Sustainability of agricultural basin development under uncertain future climate and economic conditions: A socio-hydrological analysis May 06, 2020

Article published in Ecological Economics.

Forest Conservation: A Potential Nutrition-Sensitive Intervention in Low- and Middle-Income Countries May 04, 2020

Article published in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems

Advancing understanding of natural resource governance: a post-Ostrom research agenda May 03, 2020

Article published in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.


Modeling the Justinianic Plague: Comparing hypothesized transmission routes Apr 30, 2020

Article published in PLOS One

A conservation criminology-based desk assessment of vulture poisoning in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area Apr 29, 2020

Article published in Global Ecology and Conservation

Global agricultural economic water scarcity Apr 29, 2020

Article published in Science Advances.

Knowledge coproduction improves understanding of environmental change in the Ethiopian highlands Apr 23, 2020

Article published in Ecology and Society.

Learning to be an interdisciplinary researcher: incorporating training about dispositional and epistemological differences into graduate student environmental science teams Apr 22, 2020

Article published in Journal of Environmental Studies and Science.

Modeling Alternative Collaborative Governance Network Designs: An Agent-Based Model of Water Governance in the Lake Champlain Basin, Vermont Apr 15, 2020

Article published in Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.